Hi everyone. The time has come to close down my actions shoppe. I am just far too busy with work (2 jobs), going to school full-time, and trying to still make time for my kids and hubby that I feel that something has got to go. I truly thank you all for all of the support in the past 4 years of business. I can't say for certain that the shoppe will be closed FOREVER, but for now, it is the right choice for me. I hope you all understand. Have a wonderful 2011, and thank you again!


NEW album templates just released! Intro price of only $40!

This has truly been a labor of love... I have been working on this template set for what seems like AGES, and I finally have them just how I want them! This is an AMAZING 40-page album template set, complete with 30 single page template and 5 two-page spread templates, an album cover, and a bonus digiscrapping paper (the paper that started it all!). These templates are fully customizable, you can change background colors, add or remove text, remove the photo frames, texture, etc, the possibilities are practically limitless! Can be used in ANY version of photoshop. Please be aware before purchase that the set has been split into two HUGE downloads (like over 400mb each!), so make sure you have PLENTY of time and space to download the files. If the space and downloading time will be an issue, please contact me at and I can arrange to mail a disc to you.

Please note that once the introductory period has ended, the price for these gorgeous templates will raise to $60. Thank you!

NEW "Vintage dreams" action set!

I am SO EXCITED about this new set! I have gotten an amazing response from my testers and I am pleased to finally be able to release it to the public!

This set contains FIVE gorgeous vintage actions and EIGHT fabulous custom texture blends created by yours truly! Each action automatically applies a texture layer at the end to your photo, but you have the choice to have it with or without the texture- it's as simple as stopping the action before the texture is applied (for full photoshop users), or as simple as turning the texture layer off for PSE users! I am also including detailed instructions with each set on installing the actions properly (PLEASE DO read this text file before installing, even if you already know how to use actions! It contains VITAL info pertaining to this particular set!) and the file also includes some tips for use and tips for how to use the texture files separately on ANY image- the possibilities are endless!

Happy editing!
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